About 13,000 residents living in the Kibbutzim and towns surrounding Gaza had to evacuate and leave their homes since the beginning of the war. We are trying to help as much as possible and therefore, decided to donate 100 items from our beautiful, Israeli made, clothes collection to pregnant and breast feeding mothers who had been evacuated.
We have created a way in which you can also help by buying donation coupons.
Each donation coupon that you buy will allow us to add more items and reach even more mothers in need.
How is it done?
You buy a coupon, in the amount you choose, and every single donation will enable us to add additional items of clothes to the donation list.
We are in daily contact with the evacuation centers to which the residents have been evacuated. We will bring all our collection to the women there and let them choose the items they want.
Those who have difficulties can choose from our web site and volunteers will bring the items to them. Many of the evacuated women have already chosen the items they wanted and are extremely thankful and touched by the gesture.