Bitnuna – Pants Expander – 2-Pack

A bundle-pack of 2 !!

After the pregnancy’s over, we sometimes find it hard to return to our favorite pair of jeans. More often then that, I see moms whose their only wish is to wear it just once more…

Introducing Bitnuna – a revolutionary pants expanding belt which allows you to enjoy your pre-maternal pants while your pregnant and until your body gets back its figure.

While the upper pants buckle & zipper are open, the Bitnuna will cover them up, giving you a full cover, with a stretchy comfortable feeling.

The Bitnuna will expand along side your girth, and will fit on any pants or skirts belt hoops.

Available Sizes:
S – Pants size 36-40.
M – Pants size 42-46.

A great product to order online!


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